Sponsorship Packages

Contact: christine at milcyber dot org

Find three sponsor categories below:

MCPA Annual Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Annual sponsors get priority placement for convention packages and other opportunities.

  • Tailored packages are possible.

  • Annual sponsor packages are 2-year renewable agreements with annual fees listed below.

Platinum Sponsor

  • Contribution amount: $100,000

  • convention: 200ft2 space, table, speaker slot (includes posting online), recognition, 8 tickets ($8,000 value), and VIP room access

  • advisors: one seat on MCPA Board of Advisors (BoA) for qualified nominee (typically a GO/FO/SES) includes invite to BoA annual meeting

  • medal: gold Order of Thor medal for qualified nominee

  • memberships: 10 ($5,000 value)

  • magazine: recognition

Gold Sponsor

  • Contribution amount: $50,000

  • convention: 100ft2 space, table, speaker (includes posting online), recognition, 6 tickets ($6,000 value), and VIP room access

  • advisors: invite to BoA dinner meeting

  • medal: gold Order of Thor medal for qualified nominee

  • memberships: 5 ($2,500 value)

  • magazine: recognition

Silver Sponsor

  • Contribution amount: $25,000

  • convention: speaker (includes posting online), 4 tickets ($4,000 value), and recognition

  • medal: silver Order of Thor medal for qualified nominee

  • memberships: 2 ($1,000 value)

  • magazine: recognition

Bronze Sponsor

  • Contribution amount: $12,500

  • convention: 2 tickets ($2,000 value) and recognition

  • medal: bronze Order of Thor medal for qualified nominee

  • memberships: 1 ($500 value)

  • magazine: recognition

HammerCon Sponsorship Opportunities

  • HammerCon 2022 is our first national convention

  • Additional event info can be found here

Convention Supporter:

  • Contribution amount: $6,000

  • 100ft2 space

  • 2 exhibitor badges

  • 1 table and 2 chairs

  • electricity, wifi, and signage recognition

Convention Partner:

  • Contribution amount: $12,000

  • 200ft2 square foot space

  • 3 exhibitor badges

  • 1 full attendee badge

  • 2 tables and 4 chairs

  • electricity, wifi, and signage recognition

  • VIP room access

Chapter Social Sponsorship Opportunities

Chapter Social Supporter

  • Contribution amount: $500 per month (minimum 6 month commitment)

  • Recognition: signage and recognition during remarks to an appreciative audience

Chapter Social Partner

  • Contribution amount: $1,000 per month (minimum 6 month commitment)

  • Recognition: signage, recognition during remarks, and info table


  • Exhibitor badges can be upgraded to full attendee for $500 each

  • Terms of sponsorship agreement found on our policy page here.

  • All sponsor info tables, demos, and presentations must be educationally-focused and not sales-focused.

  • Space is limited, so please secure your place soonest!

  • If paying by credit card with PayPal, please include a 3% additional processing fee and be aware that no single payment can be over $10,000 (although multiple payments may be made).

  • Please contact christine at milcyber dot org if paying by check (made out to the MCPA), require an invoice, or if you have any other questions. Wires of any amount can be accepted. We also accept Bitcoin.

  • The magazine recognition is consummate with the level of sponsorship provided. It is in the annual hardcopy of CYBER Magazine , which features articles from and is read by those across the military cyber community and beyond.

  • Sponsor presentations and info tables will be educationally-oriented (as opposed to sales-oriented). Technologies, demos, and initiatives of interest to the military cyber community are encouraged!

  • Recognition of sponsors will be done at opening and closing remarks, on the event site, and event signage.

  • Find a tidy print out of these sponsorship opportunities on the back page of our fact sheet.

  • Chapter social sponsorship contributions are received by the MCPA national level.

  • View an example of an edited sponsor presentation here:

Keynote Opportunities

In response to the global pandemic and postponment of our first national convention in 2020, the MCPA pivoted to establish the Lockdown Lunch and Learn (3L). This weekly online gathering featured inspiring opening remarks by senior leaders and keynote presentations by experts from across this community. Sponsors of the MCPA were provided the opportunity to present in this closed forum, attended by a broad cross-section of community members including Generals and Admirals, Congressional staffers, CISOs, CTOs, Cyber Planners, Network Administrators, Researchers, and more. This banner features a keynote by our sponsor Nutanix. It's an example of the kind of keynote opportunities that are made available by the MCPA.