The MCPA calls for the creation of a US Cyber Force!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this statement do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all organization members, advisors, or partners.

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MCPA Legislative Affairs Narrowing the Hill-Pentagon Divide in Support of the Military Cyber Community

Mark Montgomery and Tom Wingfield at the MCPA convention, HammerCon

The legislative affairs of the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) are led by the Executive Director of the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission, Rear Admiral (Retired) Mark Montgomery, with team members including the recent Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Cyber Policy, Thomas Wingfield, Esq. The team is complimented by input from other members of the MCPA Board of Advisors

Since the MCPA is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, these activities are focused on educating those involved in the legislative process regarding military cyber affairs. A thorough review of the MCPA website will demonstrate why this organization is widely recognized as the legitimate, credible, and authoritative voice of this community.

Below, please watch the remarks of Congressman Jim Langevin (Inaugural Chair of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) cyber-focused subcommittee) at our first national convention, HammerCon, and below that a photo of the recognition of Congressman Mike Gallagher (current Chair of the subcommittee).

MCPA Founder (left) alongside other national security cyber leaders in recognition of Congressman Langevin.

MCPA Recognizes Congressman Mike Gallagher for his support of the military cyber community!