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Research & Education Track:

NERD (New Emerging Research & Development) 

For those affiliated with the VICEROY program, contact your institution's VICEROY representative to learn about opportunities to highlight research at HammerCon! 

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Notes: Schedule subject to change. ⚡︎ indicates "lightning talks" (15 minute slot to share ideas but no Q&A).

0955: Track Opening

Dr. Tomás Peña

Track MC,  Editor in Chief of Military Cyber Affairs, and former OCO Chief at USCYBERCOM. 

Dr. Joseph Schafer

Track Deputy MC,  Director of the Military Cyber Institute (MCI) and Professor at the National Defense University (NDU) College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC). 

1000: Keynote

Lynne Clark

Chief of the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity Program Office at the National Security Agency (NSA) and Air Force Veteran.

1030: GenCyber K12 ⚡︎

Ashley Greeley

NCAE-C Program Office at NSA National Cryptologic University.

1045: Virtual Institutes for Cyber and Electromagnetic Spectrum Research and Employ (VICEROY) Scholars

Virtual Institutes for Cyber and Electromagnetic Spectrum Research and Employ (VICEROY) Scholars ⚡︎

Students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty presenting their research findings! See the MCA journal for their printed work.

1200: Lunch

1300: US Cyber Command's Academic Engagement Network ⚡︎

Colonel Raul Rodriguez-Medellin

US Cyber Command Academic Engagement Director. 

Master Sergeant Katrel Bishop

US Cyber Command Academic Engagement Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC). 

1315: Artificial Intelligence and Cyberspace Operations - Past, Present and Future

Dr. Michael Senft

Director of Cyber Research at SIXGEN, former Naval Postgraduate School Researcher and Faculty, former NSA Deputy Director of Cybersecurity Operations, and MCPA Membership Director. 

1345: A Master Cyber Operator's Perspective on AI for OCO

Marc Brasher

Cyber AI Research Scientist at Leidos. 

1415: Domesticating Cyber Defense: Arming Military Families to Protect the Warfighter on the Cybersecurity Battlefield

Dr. Laura Jones

Senior Director for Cybersecurity Risk Management at Rivian, Adjunct Instructor at Carnegie Mellon University, and Army Veteran. 

Dr. Tori Reddy Dodla

Consultant at SAIC, Adjunct Professor at Trine University, and Army Veteran. 

1445: The New Face of Cyber Defense: Pioneering the Title 32 Cybersecurity Corps

Lieutenant Colonel Barry Greene

Commandant at the State Guard Association of the U.S. Cyber Defense Academy. 

1515: Bits are Bullets and Barricades: The Real Nature of Information Warfare ⚡︎

Jeff Schulman

Adjuct Instructor at Penn State University, Founder of Manteio Company, and Marine Veteran. 

1530: DARPA's AI Challenge ⚡︎

Daria Bahrami

Contractor at DARPA and MCPA Founding Fellow. 

1545: Cyber's Missing Commands ⚡︎

LCDR Mark Hofer

Chief of Future Operations, CSG, CYBERCOM. 

1615: End of track. Movement to main track for 1630 closing ceremony.

Register to attend here before space runs out!