Do you qualify for free membership? USG and vets do!

Follow these steps to join:

1. Determine your membership eligibility

To become a member of the MCPA, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are at least 18 years old

  • You are not listed in the national sex offender database

  • You were never dishonorably discharged from the US military

  • You have never been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor

  • You are not wanted for violation of law and/or you are not a fugitive

  • Your public persona and public image is not inconsistent with the values, mission, and vision of the MCPA

  • You consider yourself an American military cyber professional or you are interested in their development

  • You agree with our policies, mission, and values

If you do not meet these criteria, please consider making a donation instead of joining.

2. Determine your free membership eligibility

If you meet one of the criteria below, you will qualify for a free membership to the MCPA.

  • Active member of the US military, including active M-Day status in the National Guard or Reserve Component

  • Current employee of the United States federal government

  • Honorably discharged US military veterans (separated or retired)

Please note, contractors working for the government do not qualify for free membership unless they meet one of the criteria above.

If you do not qualify for free membership, pay for membership (at the bottom of this page) and then proceed to the next step.

3. Submit your application

Complete this application form (link opens in a new window).

If you qualify for free membership, enter "plank holder" where prompted for payment code and send a digitally-signed blank email from your qualifying account to verify at milcyber dot org. Veterans without mil/gov/edu emails, send your DD Form 214 with PII covered/crossed-out from your current work email.

If you don't qualify for free membership, enter your PayPal-provided purchase confirmation code.

A message will appear after successfully completing the 3 page form. If not, try again.

If applicable, be sure to note who told you about the MCPA. This helps us a lot and referrers may be recognized!

Note: if you do not provide a gmail or Google-linked email address, you will miss out on some member benefits.

MCPA recognizes many government locations block access to Google services (like the application form above). If you're having issues accessing the form, try from a mobile device or home.

4. Get ready to join the team

Recruit your friends and colleagues!

  • Our strength is our people. The value of MCPA membership increases with each new teammate.

  • Highly effective recruiters will be recognized!

Wait for confirmation

  • Membership processing is not a fully automated process nor is approval guaranteed

  • Processing cannot be completed unless you followed each of the above steps

Once you're plugged in

  • Access the intranet

  • Attend events

  • Recognize Colleagues

  • Submit articles

  • Volunteer

  • Discuss

  • Enjoy!

Payment (if applicable)

If you don't qualify for free membership (discussed above), please pay here.

Do you qualify for free membership? USG and vets do!