Investing in our nation's future through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education (focused on K-12) is part of our mission. We pursue this by:

  • encouraging and recognizing members who support local STEM efforts

  • providing support to Chapters who develop their own STEM programs

  • Award a scholarship to a STEM student at HammerCon

  • Provide big tuition discounts to Capitol Technology University (see below)

Some of the existing STEM programs we support or have supported are:

Cyber Patriot

The MCPA's support of the Cyber Patriot program is solidified by the Cyber Patriot's Commissioner (Retired Brigadier General Bernard Skoch) serving on the MCPA Board of Advisors. The General can be seen here representing Cyber Patriot at an event organized by the MCPA.

Coder Dojo

Some of our Chapters have partnered with existing organizations with a great track record in K-12 STEM like Coder Dojo. This 2016 picture was from the San Antonio student's first "promotion" ceremony from white to blue belts.

Awareness Items

We distribute various items to help educate and share awareness about cybersecurity threats. The reusable American-made webcam jammers featured in this picture are able to be ordered on the member-only intranet.

Tuition Discount

Capitol Tech provides all active duty military a reduced tuition rate of $250 per credit hour for bachelor courses and $350 per credit hour for master courses. Capitol Tech will provide all MCPA members a 25% discount off doctorate course tuition and MCPA members who are not active duty will receive 25% off the regular bachelor or master course tuition rate. Save your MCPA membership verification email as a pdf and send it to Cap Tech as proof of membership.