Navy Cyber Warfare Engineering Society

The Cyber Warfare Engineering Society supports the US Navy Cyber Warfare Engineer (CWE) Community (184X) and those interested in it. It is the first "functional chapter" of the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA), in contrast to other chapters that are focused on a spcific geographic region. Joe Dean serves as the President of the Society. We invite you to join us for upcoming gatherings and activities.

Find useful information below and on the MCPA member-only intranet.

CWE Society exibit, Hack the Missle Launcher, at HammerCon 2022

MCPA Founder's remarks at retirement of CAPT Brian Luke, first CWE O6.

CAPT James Caroland, senior CWE in the US Navy (and former Editor in Chief of MCPA's Cyber Magazine), moderates a panel of each military service at HammerCon 2022. CDR Will Tirrell, CWE Community Manager, serves as a panelist.

Principal Cyber Advisor of the Department of the Navy (and MCPA Board member), Chris Cleary, presents the Order of Thor medal to Ukranian Army Colonel at HammerCon 2022.