Hacker Community

The Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) maintains robust relationships across the hacker community. Some of those relationships are highlighted below. 

DEF CON Arcade Party

The MCPA hosts this epic party for the DEF CON community to have a great time while learning about technology (such as classic arcade games). Learn more about it here


HammerCon, our national convention, features notable figures and villages from the hacker community.  Learn more about it here

Lockdown Lunch and Learn

In response to the global pandemic, the MCPA hosted a highly interactive virtual gathering for its members each week, featuring talks by experts (including those from the hacker community) for 100 straight weeks.  Learn more about it here

Above: banners from select weekly 3L sessions. 

The Order of Thor Medal

The MCPA has recognized a number of hackers for their special contributions to the military cyber community by inducting them into the Order of Thor. Learn more about it here

Greg Conti (left) with Sarah Zatko and Mudge Zatko at ACI
JC Vega (left) with Chris Kubecka at DEF CON
Brad Rhodes (left) with Chris Roberts at HammerCon
Beau Woods, leader of Policy @ DEF CON

National Service Panel

Beginning in 2020, the MCPA has organized the National Service Panel at DEF CON to provide insights about unique opportunities and challenges associated with working in the government.  Learn more about it here

Badge Life

Beginning in 2022, we started providing MCPA patches to members and friends to compliment their "badge life" experience at Cons. Seen below, Jay Healey of the MCPA Board of Advisors, wearing his MCPA patch.