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Private Sector Track:

GIT (Growing Innovations in Tech)

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Private Sector Track:

GIT (Growing Innovations in Tech)

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Notes: Schedule subject to change. ⚡︎ indicates "lightning talks" (15 minute slot to share ideas but no Q&A).

0955: Track Opening

Dr. Matt Morris

Track MC. Cyber Warfare Officer in the US Army Reserves, Senior Security Technical Specialist at Microsoft, and President of the MCPA National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter. 

Theresa Pines

Deputy Track MC. Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association DC Board Member. 

1000: The Information Environment and YOU

Brad Rhodes

Senior Manager at Accenture Federal Services, Cyber Warfare Officer in the Army Reserves, MCPA Colorado Chapter President, and HammerCon Co-Lead. 

1030: Kill Chains and Cognitive Warfare: Practical Cyber/IO Strategies for Multi-Domain Task Forces

Jason Atwell

Senior Manager of Mandiant Threat Intelligence. 

1100: Adversarial Based Advanced Threat Hunting

Col (Ret) Jeff Worthington

Public Sector Executive Strategist at Crowdstrike. 

Angel Dingui

Threat Hunter at Crowdstrike. 

Jared Myers

Director of Overwatch at Crowdstrike.

1130: One Hit Wonders, Snake Oil, and Free Lunches

Julian Beltz

Cyber Engineer at Zetier. 

1200: Lunch

1210: Hiring Corner: Private Sector Focus ⚡︎ 

Gabe Schrade

National Cyber Group Board Member and Cyber Labs CEO. 

1230: Hiring Corner: Public Sector Focus ⚡︎ 

Nikkia Henderson

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Mid-Atlantic Affiliate President and DHS CISA C-SCRM Program Ops Lead. 

1300: A War Footing for Cyber Weapons

Hank Brown

Panel Moderator, Senior Director of Strategy at Peraton, MCPA Military Transition Coordinator, and former USCYBERCOM Program Manager & Division Chief in Computer Network Operations. 

Chris Cleary

MCPA National President and former inaugural Principal Cyber Advisor of the Department of the Navy. 

Vice Admiral (Ret) TJ White

Former Commander of the Cyber National Mission Force and 10th Fleet. 

Colonel (Ret) Brian Russell

Cyber and Information Warfare SME for Peraton, previous II MEF Information Group Commander and former Plan Director of JTF ARES. 

1400: Technology Advancement Center (TAC) Panel

Note: Technology Advancement Center or TAC (formerly know as the Maryland Innovation and Security Institute or MISI) has facilities that include TheLink (formerly known as DreamPort).

Philip Niedermair

Panel Moderator. Chairman of the TAC Advisory Board, Special Advisor at Virsec, Senior Advisor of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission 2.0, and Chair of the Advisory Board at the National Cyber Group.  

Rear Admiral (Ret) Jeff Scheidt

Member of the TAC Advisory Board, Member of the MCPA Board of Advisors, and Former Senior Military Advisor for Cyber Policy to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (to be confirmed) 

Janelle Romano

Member of the TAC Advisory Board, CACI VP for Cyberspace Operations, and former NSA Senior Executive (to be confirmed). 

Kimberly Mentzell

Member of the TAC Advisory Board and Director of Cybersecurity and Aerospace at Maryland Department of Commerce (to be confirmed). 

Captain (Ret) Ed Devinney

Member of the TAC Advisory Board, Northrop Grumman Corporate Director for Cyber Programs, and former USCYBERCOM Director of Corporate Partnerships and Technology Outreach (to be confirmed). 

1430: Dr. Strangethreat: How I learned to stop worrying and love cyber exploits ⚡︎

Christian Sorensen

Founder and Chief Risk Officer at SightGain. 

1445: AI-driven Cyber Defense: Navigating Real-world Challenges with Innovative Solutions ⚡︎

Huralain Mohamed

Founder and CEO of Cytec Solutions. 

1500: Cybersecurity Mission Assurance Cyber Physical Systems ⚡︎

Colonel (Ret) Michael Smith

Cyber Security Program Manager at Battelle.

1515: The Top 5 Defensive Measures of 2024 (according to the insurance industry) ⚡︎

Sergeant Major (Ret) Amanda Draeger

Principle Cybersecurity Consultant at Liberty Mutual and former Sergeant Major of the Army Cyber Institute (ACI). 

1530: Seizing Catastropic Success: A Blueprint for Maximizing Opportunies ⚡︎

Rebecca Lively

Product Strategist at Defense Unicorns. 

1545: Cobalt Strike: Operational Security for Cyber Operators

Sean Phipps

Cyber Threats Operator at SIXGEN. 

1615: End of track. Movement to main track for 1630 closing ceremony.

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