We are a team of thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Guardians, Marines, Guardsmen, Reservists, Veterans, Scholars, Innovators, and others supporting American national security and each other. 

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The Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) is a volunteer fueled 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit charity. Support our activities highlighted below!


We are dedicated to developing American military cyber professionals and investing in our nation's future through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The MCPA serves the functions of a regimental association for the American military cyber community.


We accomplish our mission in accordance with our values: loyalty, duty, and excellence.


We are working towards an American military cyber community that is accomplishing what our nation needs, expects, and deserves. Our nation...


Our national convention, HammerCon, is an amazing time for all who participate. Register now for HammerCon 2024!


The Order of Thor medal is how excellence in (and special contributions to) the American military cyber community is recognized. It is inspired by the mythological warrior who wields a hammer that (like cyberspace) has the power to both build and destroy.

Legislative Affairs

We educate those in the legislative process on military cyber affairs and serve as the credible voice of the American military cyber community. 

Cyber Snackz

Our activity book helps elementary school kids learn age-appropriate cybersecurity principles through a cast of adorable animals. 


We support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) focused educational programs focused on K-12 in accordance with our mission to invest in our nation's future. Since many of our members have deep technical expertise and leadership experience from their military service, we both organize events and support existing programs like Coder Dojo, Infragard's Cyber Camp, and Air Force Association's Cyber Patriot.


Military Cyber Affairs is the peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Military Cyber Professionals Association. Editors and authors are researchers and PhDs from institutions of higher education and think tanks. Issues assembled by Managing Editors are published periodically. (info)


CYBER is  is the professional magazine of the Military Cyber Professionals Association. Articles are published online on a rolling basis. Hard copies are assembled periodically (usually annually). Authors come from across the American military cyber community (both at the tactical and strategic levels) and beyond.

AUSA Partnership

We've partnered with the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) to bring more benefits to our members! All MCPA members qualify for FREE AUSA membership! 


We create value by hosting and supporting a diverse array of events across the country. Examples include hosting periodic chapter gatherings, serving as the hub for cyber professionals within larger defense expos, providing experts to coach Cyber Patriot competition teams, supporting military cyber conferences with networking socials, and leading capture the flag (CTF) competitions. Participants also earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit.

Arcade Party @ DEF CON

Join us for a huge bash at the world's largest hacking conference!


We provide tangible and direct support to those who have  sacrificed so much for our nation. Our Transition Assistance Program (TAP) assists those who are transitioning (and those recently transitioned) from active duty military service to civilian life. We also waive membership fees for honorably discharged veterans (and those who currently serve).


Our robust Board of Advisors includes senior leaders from across the broader American military cyber community and aligned organizations. These seasoned executives contribute their insights and connections in support of our cause.


We facilitate connections between seasoned senior leaders and those in the early and middle stages of their careers by utilizing both passive and active approaches. By building these inter-generational feedback channels, we are able to help accelerate careers and minimize risk to missions. 


Our members connect through online and in person venues, and provide each other access to opportunities and support they otherwise wouldn't have. This network is a cross-section of the broader community, from junior enlisted to four star general, conflict zones to the White House, and Silicon Valley to Capitol Hill. The value of membership grows with each new teammate.


Our chapters can be found from coast to coast. For those wanting to meet people nearby and do good in their own local community, chapters are where rubber meets the road.


We officially and unofficially partner with an array of charitable, governmental, and academic entities with whom we have deeply shared interests. These partnerships are leveraged to accomplish mutually beneficial outcomes in pursuit of our mission.

National Service Panel @ DEF CON

Hackers learn about opportunities to serve the nation.

Cyber Bourbon

Tobacco Barn Distillery has established a "Cyber Single Barrel Bourbon" to fundraise for the MCPA. Limited batches available for our national convention and during the holiday season.

Weekly Talks

In response to the pandemic stay-at-home orders that impacted most of our members, we launched the weekly Lockdown Lunch & Learn (3L) in April 2020 and ended it 100 weeks later in 2022.


The MilCyberSync Podcast brings you updates and insights from the intersection of cyberspace and national defense.


Sponsors provide the means that enable us to pursue our ends. We offer well-priced packages for companies of any size to make meaningful and appreciated contributions to our mission.

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