The Military Cyber Professionals of Monterey (MCPM), a Club of the NPS Foundation, is a group of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Academics and others at NPS and the surrounding community (like DLI) who are interested in the development of Cyber. The MCPM President is Darien Pitts, MAJ, US Army.


We connect with each other and partners with shared interests at regular social events, professional development events, recognition ceremonies, field trips, and online. We have a strong STEM outreach program, with which we connect interested members with incentivized volunteer opportunities in the local community that invest in the next generation of our nation. Scholarships and monetary support of research are planned to be awarded to those making significant contributions to the development of the American military cyber profession. 


The below events calendar provides info such as event location, time, and description. Contact the MCPM STEM outreach coordinator for information about ongoing opportunities. Note the the calendar is only accessible to members!


More than a fad or a fleeting interest, we are deeply interested in Cyber, its role in the DoD, and getting to know eachother. It is an enduring area of concern and deserves our attention. Participation in the MCPM offers numerous benefits, which are articulated on the NPS Foundation and MCPA membership pages.


As a Club of the NPS Foundation, you must be a member of the NPS Foundation and indicate your interest in joining us. NPS Foundation membership benefits and other info can be found hereprerequisite of joining the MCPM is to be a current member in good standing of the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA). The MCPA is the only national, joint, and interdisciplinary organization dedicated to developing the American military cyber profession and investing in our nation's future through STEM outreach. It was established as a byproduct of NPS graduate research and the MCPM is the local chapter of the MCPA. If you have applied for membership and have not heard anything back within a week, please contact us at [email protected]


Those interested in makeing a contribution may request that their tax-deductible donations made to the 501(c)(3) NPS Foundation are put into the Cyber Club fund. Some of our friends are listed here.

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