STEM Education

The prosperity and security of the United States today and in the foreseeable future depends on growing a wide and deep pool of personnel that understand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In support of growing that pool, STEM education is at the core of the MCPA.

For Military, Veterans,
Government Employees, and the Public

We organize and support educational opportunities for our members and the public. MCPA members (service members and university faculty working together) learn through activities like globally-distributed capture the flag events (including the annual JCC), educational app development, online peer-reviewed journal and research support, educational video series, and lecures in local chapter areas. We also connect our members with scholarships for relevant education opportunities.

MCPA Chapter leads the St. Louis tech community
in "Hack the Arch" competition (video).

Our globally distributed CTF (Capture the Flag) competition team,
HoT (Hammer of Thor), regularly trains and competes.


In addition to educating the adults working in the cyber field today, we take a long term view of our mission and invest in the nation's future by focusing efforts on STEM education for today's students. We support and encourage our members to volunteer in support of K-12 STEM related activities in their local communities and develop relationships with local cyber-related educational programs. 

Please contact your local Chapter STEM Education Coordinator for opportunities in your area. No STEM Education Coordinator identified in your local chapter yet? Volunteer for the position and/or take the initiative to find an opportunity in your local area. Find some great ideas, teaching materials and guides here and here.

What members get out of it:

  • Personal satisfaction
  • Credit towards maintaining certificates like the CISSP
What students get out of it:

  • Instructors that care
  • Instructors that can teach them something useful
  • Potential to be locally recognized

What organizations get out of it:

  • Volunteers with background checks
  • Volunteers with technical knowledge and experience