commitment to recognizing great service and
 contributions in the American military cyber community

The Order of Thor

Being inducted into the Order of Thor is a recognition of members of our community that have made considerable contributions and embody our values of loyalty, duty, and excellence. Inductees are presented a medal symbolizing the appreciation on behalf of the American military cyber profession. More information about the symbolism and wear of the medal can be found on our FAQ page.

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The Order of Thor recognizes service and contributions by members of the community that demonstrate our values of duty, loyalty, and excellence. Recipients must be members of the MCPA (which is free for government employees) and have made special contributions to the military cyber profession and/or MCPA. Those entrusted with approval authority will maintain high standards for these awards and judge each nomination accordingly. Appropriate venues to award these medals may be at your organization's Cyber Ball, PCS/farewell ceremony, or another social/pro-dev event. See FAQ for wear guidance.

Awards are processed and approved locally. Chapter Presidents now have the ability (and are highly encouraged) to order medals in bulk directly from the manufacturer. Ordering info can be found on the MCPA intranet Presidents Team page. Each award nomination memo will include a one page justification (format determined by local/organizational policy) that includes a purchase order number (if medal was puchased from the MCPA member's shop). If the local chapter already has a bulk supply of medals, no purchase order number annotation is required. Award nominations can be approved by the designated categories of personnel (see each award page for approval threshold and other details: BoT, SoT, GoT). Regardless of who approves the award, the nearest Chapter President must be informed of the approval via email in a timely manner. Chapter Presidents will ensure awardees are listed on the MCPA Intranet awardee roster.

Coin of Excellence

The MCPA Coins of Excellence recognize members of the MCPA and anybody that has demonstrated our values of duty, loyalty, and excellence while in service as a member of or in support of the military cyber profession. Association leaders like Chapter Presidents (or those designated by Chapter Presidents) may present the Coin of Excellence as they judge appropriate. The use of recognition coins has a long history and is part of the American military culture.



Unit Awards

The MCPA recognizes outstanding units and other organizations that have displayed our values of loyalty, duty, and excellence in the development of cyber in the military. Criteria and procedures will be published at a later date.