Images from the MCPA's participation in the 2017 Sea, Air, and Space Expo... 

Paul de Souza, Margaret Polski, Admiral Normal Hayes, Roger Kuhn, and Joe Billingsley.
Admiral Hayes had just presented the Silver Order of Thor medal to Margaret and Roger.

The MCPA table, including mobile CTF by CSFI.

COL(R) Carm Cicalese (MCPA Chief of Staff), left, and Dr. Margaret Polski (Editor in Chief of the MCPA's journal), center, discuss cyber operations with a visitor.

Students enjoying CSFI's mobile CTF at the MCPA table. 

MCPA founder with Admiral Jan Tighe. She was the first visitor to the MCPA booth.

A new tradition is born with the serving of a Monterey wine after the Order of Thor medal presentation, in commemoration of the MCPA's founding in Monterey.