The first meeting of the MCPA Board of Advisors (BoA) happened over dinner in Washington DC, Fall 2017.

Place and time: shared with attendees.

Uniform: business casual, tie optional. Other attire (like military uniform) is also acceptable for convenience sake. 

Confirmed attendees:
  1. Lieutenant General (R) Mary Legere, USA (special guest)
  2. Major General Stephen Fogarty, USA, MCPA BoA
  3. Command Sergeant Major David Redmon, USA, MCPA BoA (special guest)
  4. Director John Felker, DHS, MCPA BoA
  5. Major General (R) John Davis, USA, MCPA BoA
  6. Rear Admiral (R) Norm Hayes, USN, MCPA BoA
  7. Rear Admiral (R) Paul Becker, USN, MCPA BoA
  8. Rear Admiral (R) Jan Hamby, USN, MCPA BoA
  9. Brigadier General Stephen Hager, USAR, MCPA BoA
  10. Arnold Abraham, SES (R), MCPA BoA
  11. Jay Healey, MCPA BoA
  12. Paul de Souza, MCPA BoA
  13. Colonel (R) Carm Cicalese, USA, MCPA BoD and CoS
  14. Maj. Amanda Mason, MDANG, MCPA BoD (meeting facilitator)
  15. Nate Rolfe, MCPA VP of Ops
  16. Joe Billingsley, MCPA Founder and Chairman
  17. Tim McLain, Skyhigh Networks (meeting sponsor)
  18. Anand Ramanathan, Skyhigh Networks (meeting sponsor)
  19. Chip Stewart, Skyhigh Networks (meeting sponsor)
  20. Kevin Jones, Skyhigh Networks (meeting sponsor)