Steps to become a member: 
follow these instructions in order, also visualized on this flow chart.
If you do not follow these steps, you will not become a member.
Step 1: Determine your interest level
  • Review what we offer (see our FAQ on the value of membership)
  • Be prepared to be part of the solution
Step 2: Determine your membership eligibility
  • Criteria:
    • You are at least 18 years old
    • You were never dishonorably discharged from the US military
    • You consider yourself a member of the American military cyber profession, or you are interested in its development
  • If you do meet the criteria, proceed to the next step
  • If you do not meet the criteria, do not proceed to the next step. Consider making a monetary contribution or other form of support
Step 3: Determine your free membership eligibility 
  • Criteria:
    • You are an employee of the United States government (federal, state, or contracted cadets), or member of the state National Guard or Reserves -- and have a valid government email with .mil, .gov, or state or service academy extension (,, etc).
    • You are an honorably discharged veteran (separated or retired) that can provide a scanned copy of a DD-214 from your current email address.
    • Note that a contractor working for the government who does not meet one of the two categories above does not qualify for free membership solely on the basis of having a .mil or .gov email address.
  • If you do meet the criteria, send a DIGITALLY-SIGNED blank email from your qualifying account to [email protected] then proceed to the next step. If you're a veteran without a military/government email address that can be digitally signed, include your (PII covered/crossed-out) DD-214 in the email FROM YOUR CURRENT WORK ORG'S ACCOUNT (example,,, etc).
  • If you do not qualify for free membership, pay for membership and then proceed to the next step

Step 4: Submit the Application Form (link opens into new tab/window)
  • If you qualify for free membership, enter "plank holder" where prompted for payment code
  • If you don't qualify for free membership, enter your PayPal-provided purchase confirmation code
  • A message will appear after successfully completing the 3 page form. If not, try again. 
  • If applicable, be sure to record who told you about the MCPA. This helps us a lot and referrers may be recognized!  
  • Note: if you do not provide a gmail or Google-linked email address, you will miss out on many member benefits (see our FAQ)
Step 5: Get ready to join the team
  • Recruit your friends and colleagues
    • Our strength is our people. The value of MCPA membership increases with each new teammate.
    • Effective recruiters will be recognized!
  • Wait for confirmation
    • Processing cannot be completed unless you followed each of the above steps
  • Once you're plugged in
    • Explore the member-only resources (online and locally)
    • Contribute to this innovative movement

If you're having issues accessing the form from your work/government connection, please email the support team for assistance.