Is your cyber-related organization interested in hosting an event in support of learning and professional development?

Or is your organization interested in integrating cyber-related themes and partners?

We can help! 

In addition to regular chapter professional development events, we also support these types of events.

Don't go it alone or with an organization that doesn't have you as their priority.

As the Military Cyber Professionals Association, we would love to support your event! This is what we do.

Contact your local chapter leadership to begin coordinating today.

*Find info about HammerCon 2020 (the first national MCPA convention) here*

Benefits to choosing the MCPA as your Cyber event solution:
  • Cost: given enough lead-time and flexibility, we will work with you and sponsors to cover the cost of your event
  • Visibility: the MCPA has a solid brand and mission that attracts the senior most leaders in the field...WITHOUT paying them.
  • Local presence: we have representatives everywhere there are concentrations of DoD personnel
  • Familiar: as service members and spouses, our event coordinators have years of experience being involved with such events
  • Branding: look at our name and mission compared to other organizations. We operate in YOUR interest
  • Recognition: tap into the cyber awards that are recognized across the DoD
  • Loyalty: lifetime membership is free for government employees (uniformed and civilian) and veterans
  • Service: we take customer-service seriously and will provide a clean, clear, and intuitive web presence for your event