Presentation Agenda
2017 AUSA Cyber Pavilion
-presentations will be available on the MCPA YouTube channel after the event-
note: schedule subject to last-minute updates


0900: Opening Remarks and State of the Association, Colonel (retired) Carm Cicalese, Chief of Staff and Director, MCPA
0930: Research and Partnerships in the Cyber Domain, Colonel Andy Hall, PhD, Director, Army Cyber Institute
1000: Cyber Situational Awareness and Threat Management, Amanda Mason, MarkLogic
1030: Army Reserve Cyber Forces Overview, Colonel Jim Chatfield, Jr., Cyber Director, 335th Signal Command 
1100: Crowdsourcing the Cyber Security Talent Gap, Ryan Corey, CoFounder, Cybrary
1130: The (Military) Cyber Domain, Colonel (retired) Alex Crowther, PhD, National Defense University
1200: Technology and Policing, Daria Etezadi, Fellow, MCPA
1300: US Cyber Command Discussion, Command Sergeant Major Dave Redmon, Senior Enlisted Advisor of US Cyber Command and the National Security Agency
1330: Army Cyber Veterans Transition Panel, Amanda Mason (moderator), Board of Directors, MCPA
1400: Cyber Moonshot, Intro by Lieutenant General (retired) Mary A. Legere, Managing Director, National and Defense Intelligence, Accenture Federal Services. Presentation by Gus Hunt, Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services Cybersecurity Lead
1430: ARCOG Overview, Colonel Michael Smith, Commander, Army Reserve Cyber Operations Group
1500: Geopolitical Perspectives on Cyber Risk in Japan, Michelle DiGruttolo, Senior Intelligence Officer, MCPA (50min)
1600: Information Operations: Lies Get a Bodyguard of Truth, John Petrik, Editor, The Cyber Wire
1630: A Discussion on Cyber Mission Forces, Christine de Souza, Cyber Security Forum Initiative


0830: Made in America Deployments, Gene Ferruzza, Jericho Systems
0930: Some Implications of a Globally Integrated Joint Force, Colonel Francis Park, PhD, Joint Staff
1000: Visibility and Security Beyond the Edge, Anand Ramanathan, VP of Product Management, Skyhigh Networks (50min)
1100: Securing Networks, Securing Futures, Rachel Zimmerman, Director, Business Operations, CyberPatriot
1130: Use of Orchestration and Automation to Take Responsive Actions at Machine Speed. Presentation by Jake Groth, CTO, Defense Point Security, an Accenture Federal Services company
1200: Cyber in the Marine Corps Operating Concept, Lieutenant Colonel Pete Schiefelbein, Communications Officer, Marine Corps Training and Education Command
1230: Using Secure Containers for Repeatable Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Platforms, Shawn Wells,  Chief Security Strategist, Red Hat
1300: Insights for Cyber from an Infantryman, Colonel (retired) John Bonin, PhD, Army War College (50min)
1400: National Security Implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Lin Wells, PhD, Senior Executive Service (retired), Stellar Solutions
1430: The Legislative Affairs Committee of the MCPA, Sergeant First Class Daniel Van Wagenen, Legislative Director, MCPA Legislative Affairs Committee
1500: Developing a Strategy for Cyber Conflict, Arnold Abraham, Senior Executive Service (retired), Advisor, MCPA
1530: Agility in Decision-making for Cyberspace Operations, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Steve Stone, D.Sec., Defense Technology Department Head, MITRE
1600: Defensive Cyber Operations, Colonel Paul Craft, JTF-DoDIN
1630: The New Army Knowledge Online (AKO), Greg Reeder, Technology Innovation Strategist, Adobe


0830: A Discussion on Cloud Access Security Brokers, Matt Bruce, Skyhigh Networks
0900: Hot Issues in Cyber Law of Armed Conflict, Tom Wingfield Esquire, Professor, College of Information and Cyberspace at National Defense University 
0930: The Dynamics of Cyber Conflict, Jay Healey, Columbia University
1000: Crowd Sourcing the Cyber Security Talent Gap, Ryan Corey, CoFounder, Cybrary
1030: Crypto-Currency and Block Chain: The New Banking Reality, George Trawick, PhD, Professor, College of Information and Cyberspace at National Defense University
1100: How to streamline your Authorization to Operate (ATO) / Risk Management Framework (RMF) Process along with Preparing for a Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (Automate Policies, Configurations, SCAP), Ted Brunell, Principal Solutions Architect, Red Hat
1130: A DHS Perspective on Cybersecurity, John Felker, Director, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center
1200: What's Wrong with Cybersecurity and How Can Innovation Fix It?, Major General (retired) John Davis, VP, Chief Security Officer (Federal), Palo Alto Networks (50min)
1300: The Need for Speed in Cyber, Major General Stephen Fogarty, Chief of Staff, US Cyber Command
1330: Cyber Intelligence Threat Analysis, Dean Lane, Vice President for Cyber Intelligence, Institute of World Politics
1400: How Cyber Can Expand or Contract our Global Understanding of Warfare, Sana Saleh, Senior Advisor, Office of the Secretary of Defense
1430: Aligning Cyber Skills with the Cyber Mission, Amanda Mason, MarkLogic
1500: Cyber Influence, Connie Uthoff, Associate Director, Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management (CSIM) Master's Program at the George Washington University
1530: Commercial Industry's Roll in Cyber Warfare, Chris Cleary, MCPA Board of Directors
1600: Harnessing Innovation for National Defense, Joe Billingsley, Founder, MCPA
1630: Next Generation ELearning, Yasir Saleem, US Army Solution Manager, Adobe