Info from the 2015 Expo:
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Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter (right) pays a special visit to the AUSA Cyber Pavilion.
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Admiral (ret) Leigher, USN, (left) recognizes Randy Cudworth (right) with the Order of Thor medal for his many successes in the cyber community.
Randy serves as the MCPA NCR Chapter President and led the AUSA Cyber Pavilion.

General (ret) Skoch, USAF, (left, behind desk) represents Cyber Patriot in the AUSA Cyber Pavilion. 

General Hager, USAR, (right) and others visits the booths at the Cyber Pavilion,
like NDU's Center for Technology and National Security Policy (led by Dr. Alex Crowther).

The MCPA NCR Chapter manages the Cyber Pavilion at the AUSA Expo in DC and invites you to participate.

We host representatives from various cyber-related organizations in this large furnished congregating space.

This is an educational effort where visitors can gain information about activities across the defense community from experts.

Service members and others who want to attend will need to follow AUSA's instructions for registering online or on-site.

If interested in requesting a counter, please contact us here. You are responsible for your materials and manning the counter.

We were also highlighted as "what's hot" at this year's expo in the Army Times.

Thanks to the MCPA team that worked behind the scenes to make this a huge success: Randy, Shawna, Calvin, Amanda, Chris, and others.

The Cyber Pavilion would not be possible without the sponsorship of our patriotic partners: Adobe, AUSA, GES, and others.

Check out AUSA's Cyber-focused "Hot Topics" event here

Info poster from the 2015 AUSA Expo: