Military Cyber Affairs
The Journal of the Military Cyber Professionals Association

The Journal Team

John McEachen, PhD, Naval Postgraduate School

Senior Editor:
Randy Borum, PhD, Academic Coordinator of Cybersecurity Programs, University of South Florida

Managing Editor:
Martin Carlisle, PhD, Head of Department of Computer Science, Air Force Academy

Managing Editor, Emeritus:
Mark Hagerott, PhD, Chancellor, North Dakota University System

Associate Editor:
Andrew Sellers, PhD, Center for Cyberspace Research, US Air Force Academy

Editorial Board:
Jon Brickey, PhD, Army Cyber Institute at West Point
Bill Lintz, PhD, US Navy
Pano Yannakogeorgos, PhD, Air Force Research Institute, Air University 
Sean Kern, MS, iCollege, National Defense University
Robert Mills, PhD, Director, Center for Cyberspace Research and Air Force Cyberspace Technical CoE, AFIT
Paul Stanton, PhD, Computer Sciences Department at John Hopkins University
Michael Sulmeyer, PhD, Senior Policy Advisor at OSD Cyber Policy and Harvard University

Key Cyber Issues List:
John Hoffner, PhD Student, Cybersecurity Division, Headquarters, US Marine Corps

Advisory Board:
Alex Bordetsky, PhD, Director of the Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation
Joe Billingsley, MS, PhD Student, Information Sciences Department, Naval Postgraduate School

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