Military Cyber Affairs
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Key Cyber Issue List

Military Cyber Affairs maintains the Key Cyber Issues List (KCIL). The purpose of this list is to make students and other researchers aware of topics that are of special interest to American military cyber professionals. It includes high-priority topics to support the American defense community's cyber-related objectives as identified in numerous documents and speeches, and topics of critical importance to various organizations throughout the American defense community. Students and researchers are encouraged to get in touch with the listed topic point of contact. Thorough research and solid arguments on these topics are extremely important to ensuring American security and prosperity as the theory and practice of military cyber affairs are still being developed.

KCIL published here.

Instructions: Submit your proposed topic of no more than 750 characters here. Topic submission does not guarantee topic listing. Submission assumes that you've received approval to submit in accordance with your organization's applicable regulations and policies. Our request for contact information is used, first, for KCIL management in case we need to contact you and, second, to facilitate students/researchers reaching out to the submitter for further topic information/guidance. There is a form field requesting which contact information you are comfortable with being included with your listed topic.