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Military Cyber Affairs (MCA) seeks unclassified, scholarly papers addressing issues of importance in all areas related to the conduct of military cyber operations. Papers submitted by 1 July 2016 will be considered for its next issue.

MCA is a peer-reviewed professional journal published biannually by the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA).  MCA provides a multidisciplinary forum for scholarship and discussion of cybersecurity, cyber defense and cyber operations and their military implications, drawing from the fields of intelligence, engineering, information technology, law, policy, and others. 

MCA encourages diversity in theoretical foundations, research methods, and approaches.  Quantitative and qualitative studies, for example, each may contribute to advancing military cyber theory and practice.

MCA emphasizes practical, applied and professional issues, so manuscripts focused on cyber strategy, policy, tactics, ethics and technology are of particular interest. MCA welcomes papers identifying technical solutions but papers emphasizing technical topics should be lucid and comprehensible to the general reader and generally free from equations and mathematical notations. MCA encourages discourse that applies universally to the joint defense community.

MCA publishes review articles, original empirical research, and analytic/conceptual works that contribute to a better understanding of cyber operations, cyber threats and ways to prevent or mitigate their impact.  Each article should analyze and include implications for policy and practice.  Further, papers should not be purely hypothetical in content but should include substantive analysis in support of the hypothesis of the paper. Supporting background research should be thorough and clearly identifiable in the paper.

About the MCA and MCPA

MCA  is the scholarly periodical of the MCPA. It is a nonprofit endeavor intended for scholarly, educational, archival purposes. The MCA does not accept advertising revenue.

Who Should Submit?

MCA welcomes submissions from students, practitioners, scholars, and experts from the military, intelligence, and law enforcement communities, as well as from the wider government, academia, and the private sector.  If you have a proposal for a paper or a completed manuscript, please submit it for consideration according to the instructions below.

Submission Guidelines:

Articles length should be approximately 5,000 words. Occasionally, we print longer pieces (up to 10,000 words) and shorter pieces (1,000 or more words) depending on the context and advanced notification. Regardless of length, writers submitting an article or proposal should include the following with their submission:

1.       Contact information (mailing address, phone number, email address)

2.      Abstract (max. 200 words)

3.      Author bio (max. 200 words) summarizing the writer’s background and expertise

4.      Any graphics or images that you’d like considered for inclusion with your article in .gif or .jpg format in full or original size (at least 300 dpi resolution).

NOTE: If your submission includes any images, please ensure that you provide credit to the source and have permission to use the image.

Completed packages may be submitted at


All documents should be in Microsoft Word format.  No hard copy submissions will be accepted.  Submitted articles should be in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced. 

* Please limit the title of your article to no more than ten (10) words.


To receive full consideration for publication, all submissions must be carefully referenced using footnotes (The Chicago Manual of Style) that include, if applicable, the URL of online sources.  Authors may be required to re-submit their submissions if they are not in the proper format. No in-text citations will be accepted. 

*No "bibliography" is required; however, all papers should be well-documented with the supporting references appropriately cited in footnotes

Direct all questions to: [email protected] 

Review Process

All papers deemed suitable and within MCA’s scope will be sent for peer review. The Journal's usual practice is to subject manuscripts to double-blind peer review. The author may be asked to make changes as requested by the reviewer and editor before the work is published. Only original manuscripts not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere will be considered. If accepted for publication, manuscripts cannot be published elsewhere without written permission from the MCPA.

About MCPA

MCPA is a non-profit national organization dedicated to developing the American military cyber profession and investing in our Nation's future through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

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